Please read these rules COMPLETELY as well as the rules of each Division and Class before competition.

1. Anyone, regardless of residency, may exhibit at the Albemarle County Fair, with exceptions indicated in the Junior Livestock Show and Sale.

2. All Fair contestants and exhibitors must pay gate admission. (Check individual contest rules for any exceptions.)

3. Any person entering more than one exhibit must use the same name and full mailing address on all exhibits.

4. Articles exhibited must be the work of the person in whose name they are entered.

5. Articles exhibited must not have been previously entered in the Albemarle County Fair.

6. No article shall be allowed to compete for more than one ribbon, nor shall it be entered in more than one class, except as one of a herd or pair, set of sire ordam,orforchampionship competition in the Agriculture & Livestock section.

7. Open Division competition is open to all ages. Junior Division is open to anyone 18 years and younger on the day before opening day of the Fair, except where noted otherwise. Exhibitors may enter only one age division.

8. The exhibitor assumes all risks of damage or loss, either to person or property, for any cause whatsoever. It is further expressly understood between the exhibitor and the Albemarle County Fair, Inc., that said Fair incurs no liability or obligations to the exhibitor, other than permit the exhibitor to use the grounds or tents for exhibits.

9. The Albemarle County Fair, Inc., reserves the right to refuse any entry offered and to require removal from the grounds any exhibit or animals that the Board of Directors shall for any reason deem unfit for display/competition.

10. Classes with only one exhibit will be awarded ribbons at the judges’ discretion.

11.Any exhibitor who interferes with the judging will be immediately excluded from competition. No exhibitor will be allowed in the judging area or ring except with his/her own animals.

12. The judges’ decisions are final. 13. Articles presented for exhibition shall remain on display for the duration of the Fair. No items are to be removed prior to 6:00 p.m. on closing day. Awards shall be forfeited upon early removal of exhibits. No ribbons may be removed early; including
perishable items.

14.The Albemarle County Fair,
Inc., reserves the right to adjust dates, rules, entries, and areas of competition that may become necessary due to oversight or unforeseen circumstances.

15. Competitions shall be reviewed annually by department superintendents. Classes may be amended according to the previous year’s entries and superintendent’s recommendations.

16. No pets, other than those entered in competition, are allowed on the Fairgrounds. All pets must be removed after the close of the competition. This rule will be strictly enforced.

17. Posting or carrying of signs shall be restricted to rental booth space only. No roving vendors or solicitors will be allowed on the Fairgrounds, including the parking area. Sponsors are allowed to display banners on entrance gates at the discretion of the Albemarle County Fair, Inc., Board of Directors.

18. No alcoholic beverages will be allowed on the Fairgrounds outside of competition.

19.All complaints must be pre- sented in writing to the Albe- marle County Fair, Inc., no lat- er than 30 days after the close of the Fair. Complaints will be considered by the Board of Di- rectors, and their decision shall be final.